Friday, October 14, 2005

A Bond with no gadgets??? Say it ain't so!!!

I heard on the radio a bit ago that they've chosen the new Bond, James Bond. His name is Daniel Craig and he's blonde (which I think is good). However, they are saying that they won't have Q in the new movie (or his replacement R) and that Bond won't have gadgets.

Let's hope this isn't true. A Bond without gadgets just isn't bond. One fan has already asked "No gadgets or Q, eh? Why not get rid of the theme music, the cars, girls, and vodka martinis as well?" (well, maybe not the girls - life without Bond girls is worse than life without Bond gadgets).

From Blue X-Ray Glasses to imitation fingerprints, from a jetpack (how AWESOME is that?) to cars that double as submarines. Mankind needs James Bond's gadgets so that we can dream. We can dream of tools that science can give us, tools the make the world safer (even if they do blowup a few cars once in a while).

Next thing you know, they'll take away Bond's catchy one-liners. What will we do then??

I say we should unite!! Call everyone you know and tell them we'll boycott. Put off buying that BMW or Aston Martin!! Tell the dealer you want a classier Bond!

Now excuse me, while I go have a vodka martini, shaken not stirred...

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