Sunday, January 29, 2006

T minus 1 days and counting

Ok, I should have said "and counting" not "in counting" on my last post. I can blame it on the drugs.

I keep wondering, if they are going to do a laminectomy, does that mean they are laminating my back? Or is it that my back was already laminated, and they are taking off the lamina?

Early tomorrow morning, I go in and take a nice little nap. Everyone says it will be like the 60's. Then I will wake up with tubes coming out of various parts of my body and I get to see if I'm better. If I feel like it, I can come home same day. Or I can spend the night. I do have a private room and my wife is going to stay, it'll be like a hotel room.

Probably no posts for a couple days. They tell me I can get up and move around, do email etc. the first few days. So maybe not too long.

See you on the other side!

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