Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tomorrow is here now

Yesterday was the day for procrastinating. What does that mean today is for? Doing the things that I procrastinated yesterday? How does one manage procrastinations, can you roll them over like an short term CD. What interest rate is applied? Or is it more like a credit card, where you keep rolling it over and paying higher and higher interest rates?

Have you noticed that when you procrastinate, you not only put off the one big thing you are avoiding, you put off a lot of smaller less important things. If you did the small things and continued to avoid the big thing, would it be less procrastinating, somehow, less sinful? I'm not sure.

Are there degrees of procrastination and if so, how are they measured? Is it based on how long you procrastinate or how many re-procrastinations you perform, or based on the size of the thing you procrastinate or maybe the impact that will be felt if it doesn't get done on time?

And looking at the last paragraph, can you procrastinate a thing? or is it just procrastination in general? Is it possible to re-procrastinate or is it just a one time thing (I know I've procrastinated the same thing multiple times - so I may have broken two english rules at once).

Final set of questions, what is the opposite of procrastinate? Concrastinate doesn't sound right, I like a simpe crastinate. "We will crastinate no task before it's time." I like the sound of that. I think I'll make that my new motto. I wonder if I can get a servicemark (SM) applied to that phrase. All the companies are doing that now, sorta like a trademark for a phrase. This would be my phrase. Everytime someone said it, they would have to send me $1. I wouldn't want to charge more, no one would use it. If I charged less, it wouldn't be worth the hassle. Maybe I could even sell the phrase on e-bay...

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