Thursday, January 25, 2007

Life in general

Life has been busy. First I had the opportunity to travel last week on business. It was a good trip, not too much work and the work that I did went very smoothly. The rest of the time was spent studying and entertaining the customer (most folks don't think I'm that entertaining).

Then I've been playing catch-up in my classes. A lot of catch-up. And now I'm procrastinating. I should be doing more catch-up.

I didn't watch Bush's speech. I think the general American (or at least the press in general) has given up. I hope they're wrong, we can't afford to spend the next two years just wandering around like Gomer Pyle on Valium (stolen simile). And I don't think we can afford for Iraq to fail. The cost in terms of mid-east stability is too high. The cost in terms of the pride of America and it's troops is too high (note the years after the fall of Vietnam). I don't know that the current plan will work. And I'm afraid that before we find out, another plan will be in its place. I think that not only has the American public/press given up, I think that (secretly) Bush has given up. Maybe not on Iraq, but he seems to be too willing to cave on other areas. I'd be more impressed if he ignored the mid-term elections and just went ahead with his plans full-bore. Use his veto power liberally (bad metaphor for him to do anything "liberal-ly")

But regardless how busy life in general is (bad grammar), I know there's a tomorrow and I know Who determines all of this. And when you keep that perspective, nothing else really matters.

As a side note, yesterday was the birthday of a strong young journalist. Hopefully, he'll catch all the little comments scattered through this blog aimed at him. He makes his job look easy and people just don't appreciate his efforts. As one who written a lot (for a decidedly different audience), I recognize the difficulty of his job. I'm glad it's him and not me. Happy Birthday Adam!

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