Sunday, October 22, 2006

Head-on - Apply directly to the forehead

I haven't blogged in a while. No one cares.

There's a new product out, called Head-On. The commercial says "Head-on - Apply directly to the forehead". It repeats this about 3 times. Maybe more. Never tells what the product is for or anything else.

Wikipedia says the primary ingredient is wax and the active ingredients are too diluted to do any good.

Now there is a follow-on product named Knee-on (apply directly to the knee) and there is a new commercial that effectively bashes the initial commercial (but says the product is good).

In marketing, this is Brand Awareness. After watching the commercial, you are aware of it. The new product is a step towards product development, one of four growth strategies.

You could also call this the Interest step. Awareness leads to interest. By watching the commercial, you are aware of it, next time you're at the CVS you'll look for it (interest). You may even have a desire for it, then you'll purchase it (action).

And this commercial came out while I'm taking a marketing class.....