Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How many victims at VT?

Another post about the VT shootings, how many victims were there? Early reports were 33 deaths, including Cho. VT had a memorial service with 33 stones for memorials. But somehow, I can't see Cho as a victim.

Make no mistake, I feel deeply for Cho's family. I can't begin to imagine the pain that they are enduring. They have lost a son, that they probably cared for as much as any of the other families involved. They have the added pain of embarrasment that there brother was involved. I have no hatred towards them or even towards Cho.

I should also point out that I believe Cho was sick. The reports of his mental problems have been clearly documented. But several people at VT and other campuses have mental problems, only Cho decided to act. His choices made him the shooter, not a victim.

Make it known today that if one of my loved ones is involved in an incident like this, or if I am involved, I do not want to have a memorial placed along side the perpetrator's memorial. Do not equate the culprit with the victims. If my son/daughter had been killed at VT, there would only be 32 stones, not 33.

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John Kaiser said...

Amen. I am glad someone else feels the same.