Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bachelor for a few days

My wife is out of town for a few days, so it's just my son & I here. I make a terribly boring bachelor. Last night was Saturday night, and what do I do?

Well, first I made an early dinner. Incrediby Easy Cheeseburger Pie (recipe is on the box of Bisquick). Then I started making something else for today or tomorrow. It's chicken in the crock-pot. I'll serve it with mashed potatoes or something.

Then I went to the grocery store. Something told me I needed to go. Most important item to get: syrup for my son's pancakes. Then I walked down the aisle with peanuts. I really shouldn't have, but I picked some up. One of those party-size plastic cannisters.

No, I didn't eat all of them last night, but I made a dent in them. I love peanuts. But then I just sit here in my easy chair and veg out in front of Law & Order in 3 flavors and munch on nuts.

Anyway, it's only a couple days. Today is church, then probably eat our afterwards. Tomorrow I'm going to visit a friend whose daughter is having minor surgery. Then Tuesday, my daughter is taking me out to dinner. Then I go out of town the day my wife gets back and my bachelor-hood is traded in for out-of-town-hood.

So it's really a short (but boring) bachelor time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - my wife is going out of town this week. Thanks for the . . . uh . . . tips!