Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Obama Hand Bump

I wanted to get this prediction in quickly, so I can say that I beat everyone to the punch (no pun intended).
Prediction: By the end of 2008, everyone will be doing the "Obama Hand Bump" (I intend to trademark that term, so everyone who uses it will send me a quarter).

When Obama "won" the Democratic nomination, he gave his wife the "Obama Hand Bump" (OHB). Did you see it? It actually wasn't a good one, way too deliberate. But as a declaration of victory, it was pretty good. High fives would have been ok, but this was something unique (not really, but that's besides the point). A chest bump on stage, like all the football players, would not have worked. Neither Obama is big enough to obliterate the other, but it just wouldn't have looked good. I'm sure some women's rights group would have said he was trying to abuse her.

I also predict that OHB will carry over into 2009, regardless the results of the election. We'll see it at all business kick-off meetings. As Executive 1 passes the meeting to Executive 2, they'll hand bump on the way by. There may have to be executive training sessions on how to properly execute OHB (I'd better get more than a quarter for business use of the term). CEO's will be shown the proper force to use. Too little and you're seen as a wimp. Too much and you could wipe out a key employee. OHB your boss too hard and you may get fired.

I'm on vacation, but I'm going to start practicing. As I wander around DC today, I'm going to OHB random people just to see what kind of reaction I get (if I don't post something tomorrow, please send someone to bail me out.)


Anonymous said...

Lol! I like your writing style. Thanks for stopping by Gabbatha, I hope to see you again sometime. Take care, and let me know if you need to be bailed out!

Randy said...

Thanks Josh. You'll be my one phone-call.