Friday, September 19, 2008

What a great uncle

Yesterday, Sept 18, I became a great-uncle twice. Actually, I have some great-nephews, this is my first great-niece and I added another great-nephew. My neice and her husband on one side of the family had a baby boy, Jacob Thomas and my nephew and his wife on another side both had a girl, Alexia Naud (pronounced "No"). {last names omitted to protect the family privacy - new families need all the rest they can get}. This was the first in each of these families.

Alexia came into the world at 12:46, about 3 weeks early. Last word was she was doing fine, but a little fluid in her lungs. Hopefully that cleared up today. Jacob came in around 1:45, a few days late. All reports are that he's fine.

I think it was my dad that said "babies are a sign from God that He intends the world to keep going." That's a nice way to look at things.

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Brooke said...

Well, congrats, Randy!!!

:) Aren't babies great?