Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why so many attacks on Gov. Palin?

I have to admit, I wasn't a fan of Governor Palin for VP. It's not that I opposed her, and it didn't affect my vote (I still voted for the McCain/Palin ticket). It's just that the VP candidate didn't have any effect on my vote. Senator Biden's nomination didn't affect my vote either.

But I've been amazed at the number of attacks against the governor from the northern state. The stories of her outlandish expenditures appears to be (at the minimum) overblown. Her supposed mistake calling Africa a country, not a continent has been called into question, with even the source of the story being questions. MSNBC recently made an on-the-air correction to the story because of the sources. (see here).

I've already stated elsewhere that the chances of Governor Palin running for president in 2012 and winning are slim. History isn't on her side. The ONLY time that a VP candidate who lost came back to win the presidency later was in 1920 when FDR ran as the VP candidate with James Cox. If you look at the presidential history, Cox was never on the list. FDR of course, came back in 1932 as the president (elected 4 times).

So what is it about this lady that draws such hatred? Liberal blogs suggested she should stay home and raise her family. They suggested that her Down Syndrome child wasn't hers, but her daughter's. They suggested she was inexperienced (her days in political offices outnumbered the Democratic presidential nominee). And they quoted anonymous sources to point out supposed arguments between her and the presidential nominee.

My personal pet peeve was the people who referred to her simply as Sarah or Palin. I've made it my personal goal to be respectful to candidates (winners and losers) on both sides of the aisle by including their title. So Governor Palin, Senator McCain, President-Elect Obama and VP-Elect Biden.

One just has to wonder what it was about her that was so dangerous.

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Brooke said...

What is so dangerous about Gov. Palin:

She is a true conservative.