Wednesday, December 07, 2005


If you google "define: providence" you get (among others) these definitions: "the guardianship and control exercised by a deity", and "a manifestation of God's foresightful care for his creatures ".

It seems ostentations (showy) to say "God planned this" or "God planned that" when something good happens. But it seems just the opposite to call it a coincidence. And while I like the idea of karma, Providence seems to fit better in this case.

Flashback, 1993, Carolina's Medical Center wants to be a "regional" hospital. They scour the country for talent and find Dr. Michael Bosse, trauma and orthopaedic surgeon and hire him from Johns Hopkins Hospitals. October 2, 1993, I am involved in a traffic accident and break my femur, my elbow and my ulna (forearm). Dr. Bosse does his stuff and puts humpty-dumpty back together again. I always thought it was Providential that he moved just before my accident.

Now, flash to present day. My back started bothering me pretty bad on Thanksgiving weekend. I hate doctors, but I went to see one on Tuesday. He gave me pills. The following weekend, I nearly went to the ER. But I waited until Monday. On Monday, I pushed HARD to see an Orthopaedic specialist. I called this one place (I had to do some detective work to even get the number) and they said that it would be a couple weeks. I puhsed harder and they said it would be Thursday. I accepted that, then they called me back and said they could see me that day.

The doctor came in and I explained about the stuff I had done in 1993. He said he trained under Bosse. He knew the guy well and write me a note with a lady in Bosse's office who could help me get the records from Charlotte. He knew the name and phone number without looking it up.

I truly believe it was the Hand of Providence working again. I was very nervous about this and He made sure there was a connection to the man I admired in the past. He made sure the right doctor was there, now twice.

Providence. I like the sound of that...

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