Tuesday, December 18, 2007

War in Iraq

I don't often post about the War in Iraq or the Global War on Terror. Too much like talking about politics.

But I couldn't help but notice a few changes. The British are moving out of Basra, because they are no longer needed. And yesterday, Major General Joseph Fil, a commander of multinational troops in Baghdad told reporters that things had changed in Baghdad.

"The number of attacks against citizens in Baghdad has dropped by almost 80 percent since November, 2006," said Fil.

Now isn't this a good thing? Yes, it's going to take some time and yes the cost has been high. And I predict there will be times of increasing violence. But this is a good thing.

American troops should be pulled out as soon as possible, but we must be careful not to pull out too quickly. We made a mess when we pulled out of Vietnam, we shouldn't repeat one of our past mistakes.


John J. Kaiser said...

"Too much like talking about politics."

That can get rather polarizing, eh? Not to mention frustrating. But I still engage in some on a blog reserved exlcusively for such. Swing on by sometime


P.S. Lately I've taken to angering the feminists.

Randy Barnett said...

Yep, your musings are good. I check it almost every day along with some of my other favorites. It's been quiet lately....

Anyone else reading this should definitely check out John's blog. It's worthwhile reading. Irreverant most times, but good reading...

dpotts said...

I still don't think President Bush's reputation can be saved on Iraq. If the proper planning had been done beforehand we probably wouldn't even have the problems that we do today.

I'll admit that the surge has worked a lot better than I thought it would, but we're still a long way from winning.

Randy Barnett said...

I think Bush's reputation in the short term (next 5-10 years) is relatively set and unlikely to change,

Whether we should have been there at all and the strategy when we got there are subjects that require a great deal more time than I want to devote right now. Historians will spend lots of time debating "what went wrong".

The surge is working a lot better than a lot of people thought it would. And yes, the war is a long way from over. I'm not sure we know the definition yet of winning. I don't think it will look anything like what we've seen in the past. This isn't a conventional war. I intend to go back and do some research on the rebuilding of Germany & Japan. A lot of people forget that we had troops in Japan for years after the war was over. And we'll have trouble knowing when this one is truly over.