Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I approved this message - Part 5 (Final?)

I'm almost finished explaining the platform I would follow if elected president. This is the last planned message and is intended to address healthcare, education and abortion, global warming, carbon credits. Previous mssages addressed 1) National Defense, 2) Foreign affairs, 2b)
Immigration, 3) Isolationism and 4) the national economy.

I grouped together the topics of healthcare, education, abortion, global warming and carbon credits because, frankly I don't believe these issues deserve a lot of discussion. I put the topics listed above in order of priority and these other issues just don't measure up. I have changed my mind somewhat on healthcare, I'm going to put that as topic 4.5 (bewteen 4 & 5) and come back to that after this discussion.

However, many people want to know the presidential candidates' opinions on these topics, so
this entry will discuss my views on education, abortion, global warming and carbon credits.

Education. I'm for it. I think education is important for the success of every individual and for our country. For the record, I have an MBA, my wife has a Master's of Ed. She's a school teacher. My sister is a guidance counselor. I may be biased (so sue me). I think education is important, but I don't think it's a federal issue. No where in the Constitution, which the President is sworn to uphold, is education mentioned. I think education should be left to the states with minimal federal intervention.

I also think education is overblown. We tell people "you have to have an education" then charge them $50,000 or more for 4 years of college and don't give them a way to pay it back. Every school that offers a for-fee education should be forced to show a good-faith estimate of how long it will take to pay back the education. If the education is for fun (I plan to take some of those courses), that's ok, you just should know that taking oboe lessons will never make you more money. Of course, since the federal government will be out of education, there will be no federal mandates on this.

Abortion. I'm against it. I will be glad to change to pro-choice, once we figure out how to give the baby a choice. (this next part will probably offend some of my conservative friends). I will not make abortion a litmus test for choosing judges, cabinet members or friends. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have purposely put this issue as #5 (and last) in my priority list. Frankly, the president has better things to do.

Global warming. I think it's a farce. I'd appoint Al Gore amabassador in charge of sewers.

Carbon credits. What a laugh. I need to find the companies issuing the credits and buy stock in them.

Don't get me wrong, I am an enviromentalist. God gave us this world and told us to take care of it. Frankly, we've done a lousy job. Someday (soon I hope), He's going to come in here and fire us. We should do all that we can to conserve natural resources. We should strive to be stewards of what He gave to us. But let's also remember that He gave it to us and told us to dominate.

Well, I'm sure to lose some votes over this post and I didn't have that many to begin with, so I better quit while I'm behind.

I'm Randy Barnett and I approved this message.


Neil said...

I am totally with you re. education (get the Feds out!), non-global warming and carbon credits.

Re. abortion - it either kills an innocent human being or it doesn't. If it does, then wouldn't that be a good thing for the President to work against (1m + per year?).

Wouldn't you at least want a litmus test to interpret the Constitution as written and not as a "living document?"

Randy Barnett said...

Neil, thanks for visiting. I think you're my most-regular commenter.

When I wrote this entry, I thought about you. I knew my non-stand on abortion would bother you. Don't I get credit for being sensitive? Seems like a lot of candidates feel that way.

We agree on the premise, we just don't agree on the priority. I honestly believe our current president (who I agree with most of the time) can only work on one item at a time. I feel like I can work on maybe four. I can't ever see abortion moving to the top of the heap.

As to the litmus test for Constituional interpretation, yes, I agree with you. Somehow, that just is a basic assumption for me.

As they used to say at Esso, TFSB (thanks for stopping by)