Monday, March 16, 2009

Verizon Freedom Essentials

Today I received a call from Verizon. They wanted to help me save money. Since saving money is always a good deal, I decided I'd talk to them (even though I figured they really wanted to sell me something).

So they proceeded to look at my service records and offer me the Freedom Essentials plan for only $49.99. This sounded like a good deal to me, so I asked how much I was currently paying. Turns out Mr. Victor Allen couldn't tell me that, he didn't have access to that information. All he could see was that I have a different vendor for my regional long distance and a third vendor for my out of state long distance.

True, I told him, the reason was that Verizon didn't offer a regional long distance so I used my cell phone for all long distance.

Realizing that he was quickly losing a sale, Mr. Allen asked if I had a computer. Yes, I said and he quickly offered me DSL service for only $19.99. I asked if they really had DSL service in my area, because they hadn't had it in the past. After checking, Mr. Allen was disappointed to find out that it was not an option.

So, if you're going to call me to sell me something, I have two suggestions: 1) Know what service you're giving me today and what it costs {especially if you claim to save me money} and 2) Know what services actually are available BEFORE you offer them to me.


Thomas said...

Wow. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Poor guy.

Chance said...

I am ashamed to say I worked as a telemarketer for a couple weeks in college. Now, I worked for a company that was specifically a telemarketing company, selling products such as cable and credit cards for other companies. So, I barely knew what I was selling; they told us about 5 minutes before, and I just went off the script. My point being, I'm not surprised the guy had no idea what was going on.

Randy said...

Chance, you make a good point. I should have said that I don't fault the salesperson. He had his 5 minutes of training and he's doing a job, (hopefully) paying his taxes and supporting his family.

In this case, Verizon marketing needs to take another look at their business model. And Mr. Allen needs to find a job with a future...

Johnny Dollar said...

I found this blog searching "Freedom Essentials"... I switched to digital phone service through my cable company several months ago... but I still have a fax line through Verizon... It's a very strange deal. Ever since I made the switch I still get a monthly bill from Verizon for my fax number... I get the "Freedom Essentials Credit ($15) and a "Freedom Value Credit" ($20)... I have no idea why I get these credits... but since my monthly bill including taxes only adds up to $30.98 and they give me the credit of $35 each month I have a negative balance of just over $4... every month. My credit balance is now up to $70.56... (A better return than my IRA)... and according to the bill I will be getting the "Freedom Essentials Credit" and "Freedom Value Credit" until Sept. 13, 2011.

dhalsim2 said...

Johnny Dollar,

I am in a very similar situation.

I have local phone service for $20/month and 1 Mbps DSL for an additional $20/month, but then they give me two credits of $10 each for "Freedom Essentials" making my total about $30 after taxes.

I want to upgrade to 3 Mbps DSL, but I'm afraid to lose my credit and I don't want to ask a rep about it. I've been getting this credit for a while now and according to the bill, I'll keep getting it well into 2013.