Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back from vacation

As I last posted, I was headed out to vacation. A week in beautiful Charleston, SC can be very relaxing. We drove down on Saturday and found the temperatures were unseasonably cold. No matter, we still were able to do almost everything including a couple of walks on the beach (albeit in blue jeans and jackets).

We went with another couple and their 3-year old daughter. I had forgotten how much fun a child that age can be. Especially when she's not your problem when things don't go according to plan. You can simply walk away and think "I'm glad she's not MY problem." Fortunately, that didn't happen often.

On Wednesday, Greg & I walked the Cooper River Bridge. The weekend before, 35,000+ people had run the bridge (see here). We walked the opposite direction (from downtown to Mt. Pleasant) and fortunately had the wind at our back. Total walk was about 4 miles.

Oh, the picture above? We saw this on our last day in a parking garage. Apparently, the car had been there a long time, definitely longer than the 72 hour limit the garage had posted. The words just struck me as funny. If you can't read it, it asks "any dead bodies inda car"? Now if CSI shows up to investigate, it stops being funny.

Great vacation, glad I'm back. (not really on that last part, but it sounds good).


MojoSteve the Lightningman said...

Welcome back, Randy. Glad you had a good week. I myself never noticed the cold, since I work in a freezer. Y'know, maybe I should actually write just once about my day job?

Randy said...

I thought about trying to look you up, but decided, nahhh - it's vacation.

I decided a long time ago not to blog about work. One time I made an exception. I figure people really don't want to know...