Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yesterday, we purchased a new coffee maker as our old one was getting to be temperamental. With all new buttons and lights, I sat down to read the instruction manual. Little did I know that my new found knowledge would soon be sent to the test.

During Jeopardy, just a couple of hours later, an answer came up and I shouted out the question "How do you clean a coffee pot?" Alex Trebek could have been reading the answer out of the same instruction manual I had recently finished. I'm sure I would have won the match if I'd been there in person.

What interested me the most in the manual was the troubleshooting section. Here are just a few of the actual problems and possible causes listed in the book:
  • Coffeemaker does not turn on - Coffeemaker is not plugged in. Check to be sure appliance is plugged in to a working outlet and the ON/OFF button is powered ON.
  • Coffee is not brewing - Water reservoir might be empty. Make sure water reservoir has sufficient water to brew desired number of cups of coffee.
  • Coffeemaker brews clear water - There may be no grounds in removable filter basket. Add sufficient amount of coffee grounds to paper or nylon mesh filter in removable filter basket.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that the instruction writers were basing those tips on actual complaints.

Brian the Red said...

Did you use your new First Premier Bank Visa card to buy it?

David said...

Nothing will ever beat the post-9/11 shop vac a friend of mine bought. It honestly came with a full page paper explaining that the product was not to be used to clean up anthrax.

Randy said...

Neil, sadly, I'm guessing you're right.

Brian, I'm speechless. I'm laughing and I'm speechless. I have no come-back.

David, I think that anyone encountering anthrax should go ahead and use the vac anyway, after all, it probably wouldn't make matters worse (but then I have a sick way of looking at things).

Cameron said...

This reminds me of a chocolate bar I ate the other day. When I went to open it, I noticed that it hand little instructions on it for where to place your fingers and which direction to pull. Is nothing simple any more?

"The Edge" said...

Warning: coffee may be hot.

Alli and Erik said...

TThat one about coffee brewing clear...yeah, that happens!