Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ice caps melting slower

Seems that some scientists are now saying that the ice caps in Greenland and Western Antarctica are melting at 1/2 the speed originally estimated. It seems that some of the early estimates failed to correct for a phenomenon known as glacial isostatic adjustment. This means that the earth is rising up after being pushed down by the last ice age.

Of course, no scientist alive today actually observed the last ice age or how much the earth was pushed down by it, so we have to accept what these people tell us based on faith scientific evidence. And we know that other ideas based on faith are unacceptable.

My question is, with these ice caps melting at 1/2 the speed earlier estimated, will Al Gore give back 1/2 of his Nobel Prize? (Of course, given the current economic conditions, maybe a certain President should give back part of his too).

Link to story is here.


"The Edge" said...

It calls into question what other "facts" they were just plain wrong about.....

Randy said...

Edge, there will be a lot of changes to the "facts" over the coming years. Truth is, a lot of this is based on science that isn't mature. That said, those of us (myself included) who don't believe in Global Warming can't jump on every one of these discrepancies and say "SEE, I TOLD YOU SO".

My problem is with the so-called-science involved. When I was going to school, science involve observing, making hypothesis and then observing some more. This "science" involves observing, making hypothesis and then declaring that the sky is falling.