Thursday, May 16, 2013

Word picture - crave

Ok, I've published my favorite two (the only two I know) word pictures, integrity and detente. Both words have descriptive backgrounds, stories that paint a picture in your mind.

Now I'm looking for help in creating a new word picture. It should be tied to some other culture or language and possibly come from the same root word.

The word that needs a picture is crave. Another option, would be the word yearn.

There are times when I crave the company of my children. Times when I yearn to be with my wife, just to touch her hand, to see her smile.

These feelings need a better word than just crave and yearn, so I'm asking for your help. Help me find a word and a word picture that means crave or yearn, a word picture that fits the feeling.

Special note: for those that read the Bible, Job 19:27 has this same feeling "How my heart yearns within me" and Psalm 42:1 "so my soul pants for you, O God." I think Job and David had trouble coming up with a word picture just like me.


Sherri Wells said...

Definition of crave from the Longman Online Dictionary of Contemporary English.
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Randy said...

Sherri, I published your comment even though it contained a link. I haven't clicked on the link - it doesn't look safe. But I do think the idea of a Miami Beach Condominium fits with the idea of crave...