Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I flew to Jacksonville Florida today. First flight was just under an hour. A real sweet young lady sat beside me. We chatted, turns out she knows my cousin. We talked about her company, my company, things to do in San Diego (she's headed there), etc. Very pleasant.

Next leg of the trip was very late taking off. They loaded 7 or 8 people on by wheel chair. We were probably 30 minutes late leaving. Finally boarded and sat next to a young man from Sweden. He had very good English (probably better than mine) and was very literate. He's a student, studying geography. Now that to me doesn't sound like a major, more like a single course. But he figures he will teach geography at the college.

He was traveling with his family (5 of them). Very nice young man. We talked about different countries he's visited. Maybe I should go see Europe....

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