Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

Why? All of the fighting. Well, not really fighting, but fussing. One wants to have Christmas in the morning. One wants it in the afternoon. Well, more people can be there in the morning. But I've been planning for this all year. On and on.

Having 4 adult children with their own lives, it's difficult to get them all together. We've known for a long time this was coming. This year, I decided to sit out all the negotiations over when to do these things. Instead, I give them my calendar and tell them the reuirements and let them decide. I delegate the responsibility. Sometimes, they need some insight on ways to solve the problem (maybe we can share presents on a different day). Sometimes they need some encouragement (CALL YOUR SISTER!).

Christmas will likely be different this year. But it's already sounding like Christmas day.

1 comment:

Adam said...

At least we all get presents