Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Soon to be all over

Sometimes tomorrow (actually later today, I'm up very late) I will send in my final final via email. No more classes. Technically, I have to wait on the grades, but there's little that could happen to cause me to fail one of the two classes. In the class I finished tonite, I could theoretically make a "C", but if I get at least 23 points on the final, I'll make a B. It may take a miracle to get an A.

So all of you can start calling me "Master" anytime now, you don't have to wait on it to be official.

BTW, several people have asked and I am NOT going to commencement. It lasts over two hours and if I went, several other people would feel obligated. I don't want to put them through that.


Neil said...

Congratulations! What is your degree in? My wife will be wrapping up her Masters in Library Science in the Fall. I'm going to stick with my Bachelors!

Randy Barnett said...


It's an MBA. 20+ years ago, I swore I would not go back. But I actually wanted to learn new "stuff" and I wanted to learn what my customers were talking about. I wanted to learn what Sarbanes-Oxley really meant (not sure I learned that).

It's been slightly over 3 years coming. My wife likes to point out that she started her Master's after I started and she finished before me. (Her's is in Education, Divergent Learning).

Ashley said...

You've put us through worse =)...We would sit there and proudly point!