Monday, March 27, 2006


A few days ago, I blogged (is that a verb?) about travel. That was a four day trip, now I'm off on a short one-night stand. Wait that sounds bad, let's call it a short one night STAY.

Anyway, because I'm away from home so much, I'm a Hilton Gold VIP. Whoop-de-do. They welcome me back and congratulate me on achieving Gold VIP status. I get to stay on the executive floor (if rooms are availalble) which means I have to use my room key card to get the elevator to work. I guess that also means no non-executives could visit me without me going to get them. But no one ever visits me anyway. I get a nice robe to wear around the room. It's not terry cloth like those ones that weigh 50 pounds, but it's nice. Of course, I can walk around the room any way I want, so that doesn't mean much. Coffee in the room is standard. There's a nice lobby area on the executive floor that has continental breakfast and hor's devours (which I don't know how to spell). I'll skip breakfast today as I'm meeting someone, but it's typically good.

When I checked in, they gave me room 666. Now I'm not into numerology, and numbers don't usually bother me. I've stayed in rooms ended in 13. I've stayed on the 13th floor. But this bothered me a little. I looked at it originally and didn't get the significance. I saw it as 6th floor, room 66. But then I thought about it...

I got to the room and it was nice. King size bed and a pull out couch. Which was half-way pulled out. In front of it should have been a coffee table. Instead, the coffee table was turned on it's side, standing in the corner. There were two adjoining rooms. Adjoing rooms don't bother me, there's two sets of doors so no one can get through (at least not honest people). But I've never seen two of them.

I fixed the couch as it bothered me. Then I fixed the coffee table. I could have left all of that, but somehow it bothered me. I've never been accused of being a neat freak, but this bothered me. I picked up the card that described Free High-Speed internet connection, then put it down and decided to go to the bathroom. Before I did, I heard a knock on the door. Realizing that these mythical visitors that I spoke of earlier could get to me on the executive floor, I knew it was someone associated with the hotel. Probably congratulating me again on my achieving Gold VIP status.

I opened the door and Doogie Howser explained that he was the manager and that the front desk had put me in the wrong room. Seems housekeeping had inspected the room and notice some problems which hadn't been fixed yet. And they didn't want to put me in a defective room. I think that's code words for they had higher paying guest. I honestly did see someone from housekeeping walking down the hall when I was looking for my room.

Anyway, I no longer had to worry about 666...

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