Saturday, January 27, 2007

Exploratory committee for possible run for the presidency

Today, January 27, 2007, I am formally announcing that I am creating an exploratory committee to examine the possibility that I should run for the presidency. Oh, yeah, and I'm in it to win too. Me and about 20 other people.

So far, I haven't been enthralled with any of the candidates. Barak Obama is probably the best speaker. He seems intent at claiming that's he's a christian and wants to steal some of that vote from the right wingers. Hillary Clinton appears to me to be the best politician, she actually comes across as being almost centrist (not left, not right). I don't trust her in that role. I don't trust John Edwards, as a trial lawyer he reminds me of an ambulance chaser.

On the republican side, I think Newt Gringrich is the smartest candidate of the 20 (or so). But he always seems angry. The American people have shown they don't care if a man is a womanizer, but he has to be happy about it. Rudy Julie-anaa is a sheep in wolf's clothing, everyone thinks he's conservative, but he's not. I heard him say on TV that he thinks Americans want someone who will stand up for something, even if they don't believe in what they stand up for. Huh? He would stand up for something he doesn't even believe in? Then there's this guy from California who seems to be afraid of Chinese submarines. While I admit that's important, it seems less important to those of us in the east than to those on the left coast. And there are a few other things that need to be watched also. John McCain is another one of those angry people and seems willing to sack anyone in any position. He'd make a good vice presidential candidate.

So, maybe I should throw my hat into the ring? Nah, I'm not even sure I'd vote for me, much less anyone else...

Time to search for the "Nobody for President" speeches again...

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