Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Management Strategy

Who ever knew there was a strategy to management? I have an entire class on it. 16 weeks, 2.75 hours per week in class. We have a simulation. We pretend we're running our on company (building and selling PC's no less) and we get to decide where to spend money, what type of advertising, how many to hire, how much to pay them and probably 100 other things. We do this for 12 iterations. Professor told us to expect 3-4 hours per iteration.

So almost once a week on the simulator. Also read 1-2 chapters of the text. And 1 or 2 papers from magazines like the Harvard Business Review (average 13 pages each). Two case studies we have to read and comment on (8-10 pages written on each) and two exams.

Looks like it's going to be tough...

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