Thursday, February 01, 2007

Let it snow!

Today we get our annual snow. About once a year, we get some snow/ice. Today's the day. We have about 1 inch on the ground, schools all around are cancelled. Folks from up North always laugh at us, but I have two explanations: 1) We only get snow once a year, so we have to enjoy it when we get it and 2) the snow we get is icy, no one can drive on that.

I've also seen video on TV from other areas showing cars sliding all over the place. Their argument is that they get several snows and by the second snow, everyone has learned how to drive in it. Trouble is, we never get a second snow.

Growing up, we made snow ice-cream. If you've never tried it, it's a treat. But I remember that you couldn't use the first snow of the season to make it, which meant you seldom made it. Maybe that's why it was so much of a treat. Anyway, you took snow off of some piled up surface, not taking the stuff near the surface. Also, you avoided spots where the dogs walked, no yellow snow.

So, with all of this, I have to say, Let it Snow!


David said...

One inch of snow and no school? Geeze. I know you said everyone from up north yells about that but still... We've got around 7 inches (with ice underneath from a melt and re-freeze) and our schools were in session. I guess we must be more used to it. I'm sure we probably do things up here that wouldn't make much sense down there though too.

Randy Barnett said...

We typically only get one snow a year, we like to play in it!!!