Tuesday, June 12, 2007

City data website

Very cool website with information about your city. Information about racial make-up, crime rate, climate, economic, etc. All of the information is probably somewhere else, but I found this while looking for something eles. Go look at http://www.city-data.com/.

I'm not sure I believe all of the data, it says we average 3 inches of snow in January. Actually, if we get 3 inches of snow ALL YEAR it's considered a lot.

3 inches of snow is a major winter storm for us. The schools and businesses close. Everyone goes to the store to by milk and bread (it's required by regional ordinance). People start making hot chocolate and realize that the powder is infected with little bugs, so they throw it out.

Overall, a good site. Just not sure I believe the 3 inches of snow in January....

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Neil said...

Cool website, Randy! That had a ton of information. Our snowfall looked pretty accurate: 0.0 inches.