Friday, June 29, 2007

Why would you do that to your ear?

At lunch today, I saw a guy with an earring. No big deal, lots of folks have those. But this earing was like a washer. Note that it wasn't a washer hanging down, it was a washer IN THE EAR LOBE!!!

The hole in this guy's ear was big enough that you could stick your big finger through the middle of it (if you wanted to stick your finger through a hole in this guys earlobe).

Why would anyone do that? You can't believe it's good for you. What does it prove?


Neil said...

But Randy, the guy is trying to make a statement. The statement is this: "I'll do anything, up to and including everything, just to get some attention. And I have no concept of deferred gratification."

David said...

I used to know people that had those (some that you could put a quarter through) but I never really understood it. They start out really small and they just keep stretching them over time.

Randy Barnett said...

You're right, they start small and then increase the size. It's called guaging..

He was definitely getting attention. A young girl (4 or 5) at the table next to him was staring at him. I don't think she could figure him out either..

Thanks for the comments