Monday, August 27, 2007

To Vegas and back - without losing my shirt

My Vegas trip was a success and I'm back safe. The return trip was interesting as we diverted to Knoxville due to weather, sat on the ground for two hours, then went to Atlanta only to sit on the taxi-way for another hour. Needless to say, I missed my connection. I stayed overnight in a hotel, then drove back (the earliest flight I could have caught would have had me waiting for another 12 hours).

I confess I played slots a little, I lost a total of $14 or $34 depending on how you count. Compared to the dinners I had, that was cheap.

We had some wine one night with dinner, over $300/bottle. I'm glad I wasn't paying. It was good, but so was the $30/bottle stuff.

I also saw two shows, The Blue Man Group (excellent show!) and The Wayne Brady Show (good, but not as good as the Blue Man Group).

Everything in Vegas is over the top. I was going to say extravagant, but that's not descriptive enough. Even for extravagant, it's over the top. The hotel lobby with about 12 dozen fresh roses on display, the elaborate costumes (Caesar's palace), all of the artwork. I got upgraded to a suite and there was even a baby grand piano in my room. I keep wondering about all of the things we could have done instead of spending $300 for a bottle of wine and money on all of the stuff.


John J. Kaiser said...

Did you bet it all on red? or black?

Randy Barnett said...

I played slots. I made the $14 last a long time.

One guy that I was with put down $100 on red (he had won the money on slots) and won. He took up "his" $100 and let the other ride and won again.

Next night he did something to lose the $200. He won't say what, only that it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I really can't enjoy throwing money away. I'm too much of a cheapskate...

hydralisk said...

Just to get through that airport without feeling the temptation to play slots is too much for almost any man to bear!