Friday, September 21, 2007

What part of "until death do you part" can you ignore?

A friend is going through some major problems in his marriage. It's hard to get the facts, but he's asked her to leave (several times) and she just might take him up on it. She's making a "Plan B" kind of plan and making sure there's somewhere to go.

Oddly enough, I think their marriage is salvageable. He needs to swallow his pride and admit his mistakes (of which there are plenty) and she needs to not get historical about them. And she needs to search her soul and find her mistakes (women are always subtle about their mistakes) and he needs to let her do the searching.

It seems that divorce is never (or seldom) clean. There's not a single incident that you can point to and say "that's what caused the divorce." Let's home in this case, they don't get that far. To borrow a line from a friends recent blog post, let's hope they "stay together for the kids."


hydralisk said...

Is that line still in the marriage vow? What's taking us so long to change the word 'death' to 'inconvenience'?

Randy Barnett said...

I guess it depends on the couple as you can hae whatever words you want kept in or kept out. But the last several ones I've been to had it in there and the one I was referencing (vaguely) had it in there.

You know, some weddings even still have the word "Obey" in there. How silly. Why would anyone Obey their spouse....