Sunday, January 06, 2008

I endorsed this message - Platform building

Last week I announced my candidacy for the president. Then I explained that I was actually just planning to lay out what I thought was important for the candidate I intend to choose.

It seems from all the commercials I'm seeing, that Change is the answer. From the man who claims to have been the first to ask for change, to the lady who says she has the experience to change, all of the candidates, Democratic and Republican, are clamoring for change. Reminds me of the old adage about babies and politicians both needing to be changed often, and for the same reason.

I'm going to begin, not by asking for change, but by laying out my ideas. Before I begin, I want to lay out the areas I think should be addressed. This post won't tell you my opinion on any one topic, but instead will list topics I intend to cover later. They will be somewhat grouped, but that's subject to change (there's that word) later on.

I should note that I've already appointed someone to be my Secretary of Defense. I am step-related to a former soldier who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He's the most knowledgable person I know in this area.

In my platform, I intend to address these topics:
1. National Defense - 9/11 and America's response, the next 9/11, is there a Global War on Terror, the War in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts.
2) Foreign affars - Russia, Pakistan, Iran, India, Europe, Africa, South America, China (including trade) and Mexico (including immigration)
3) Isolationism vs. becoming entangled in the affairs of other nations (John Adams reference?)
4) National economy - Jobs, training, mortgages, housing, taxes and spending
5) Healthcare, education and abortion, global warming, carbon credits (hopefully, I'll explain why I grouped these)

What did I leave out? What do you, the voter, want me to address?

Thanks to those who responded earlier, I sincerley hope this gets some attention.


Brooke said...

I take it you're on the Independent ticket? Good luck, man! ;)

I hope you grouped the stuff in #5 together as throw-away and light on fire issues!

Randy Barnett said...

I haven't decided on party affiliation yet. Not sure any of the big guys will have me. Let's see, there's the green party....

As to the grouping of items in number 5, all of these (Healthcare, education and abortion, global warming, carbon credits) are being discussed as matters by other candidates....

Brooke said...

LOL! The Green Party has quite a list going, you know!

John J. Kaiser said...

I have no updated the old Musings blog.

Randy Barnett said...

You know, I thought about this Brooke, and I should restart the old Dixiecrat pary that was started by my senator, Strom Thurmond. Lest anyone think that he was a racist (he was when he ran for president), they should look at his support for the last several senate races. Most of the support came from heavily African-American sections of SC. The man changed.

Regardless what anyone says, he would have made a good president. How many politicians do you know of that made that radical a change? And believe me, it was necessary.

hydralisk said...

The first thing you need, Randy, is a celebrity on your side. Huckabee has Chuck Norris, Obama has Oprah, and Schwartznegger had himself. Worry about your platform later.

Randy Barnett said...

Great idea Hydra! I've always admired Roger Moore (Bond, James Bond). His amazing ability to pick up women, his use of one-liners and his use of gadgets.

I also like the 4 nerds on the TV show Big Bang.

Any other suggestions?

Ashley B said...

A couple of other things that interest me:
1) What about the wreckage from Katrina that is still left behind? I'm not interested in how the wreckage will and is being cleaned up. I am more interested in the government preparing a better plan to handle the next big tragedy.
2) What about taxes? Are you cutting them?

Randy Barnett said...

re: Katrina - for you, I'll add a topic. After my others. How's that for service?

Re: taxes. I'll address that when I address the economic plank of my platform - #4 in my list. Now you'll be anticipating it....

Note to any others - If I've left something out, please comment. If you think it's important, I'll address it. I may not think it's important, but at a minimum, I'll listen to your opinion and give you mine.