Saturday, March 22, 2008

God Must be Busy

Ok, this song has been bothering me. And the title will certain bother others as well. I really like Brooks & Dunn. There song "I believe" is just awesome. But this one seemed a little different. My step-daughter breezed into town last night and shared the same feelings. So, I put on my super-researcher cape and hood, and began banging away at the keyboard to get to the root of it all.

First I found the lyrics (look here). I found a nugget of hope, right in the middle. See, the song is about a lot of bad things happening: The war in the mid-East, a single mom laid off, a twister, an amber alert. Just turn on the news and you'll get the feeling. And everywhere, people are praying to God for an answer. But God must be busy.

Then right there in the middle of the song, "They found that little girl. She was soaking wet,half scared to death on the side of some road." This left me with hope. Hope for the little girl (who probably isn't real, but still stirred my heart) and hope for the song. The next line said "Them prayers work, you know."

More searching turned up this blog post. Chi-Rho does an excellent job of explaining free will. There are good comments about doubt in the song. Not doubt on God's existence, but doubt that He is really going to help us. Another song says "God is watching us, from a distance" (research for another day). Is that the way it is?

But that nugget of gold, right in the middle says they found the girl. Such a little girl, only one family was concerned. They (like me) were just "a speck of sand" and "God's got better things to do than look out for one" family. But God listened. And God answered their prayer.

I immediately thought of one of my favorite verses, Mark 9:24 "Lord, I believe; Help my unbelief!" Notice the pause in there.

In my darkest times, I've cried out just like the man mentioned by Mark. Just like the people in the song. Just like Chi-Rho and Jim (whose blog I found this morning and I must add to my favorites). I know God hears my every prayer and answers. I know this. The next time I don't get an answer immediately, I'll just simply shrug my shoulders and say "God must be busy" with the assurance that He will get to me. In His time.

P.S. You know, with all the stuff going on in the world, He MUST be busy. Aren't you glad He's not TOO busy?


Anonymous said...

Good points, Randy.

P.S. Mark 9:24 is one of my favorite verses as well.

Kayte said...

Sorry it took me a minute to get to your blog. That helped to answer a lot of it. Still don't know that I like it, but at least it helps to put a positive spin on it.

P.S. Glad that I could inspire a blog topic. :)

Randy Barnett said...

Thanks Neil. Always glad to see what you think.

kayte, you never know when you might lead to inspiration. you should visit more often. (both in person and in blog).

Ashley Beth said...

I actually heard this song today. It is somewhat bothersome because I know God isn't too busy, but it does describe how we all feel sometimes. Country is good at that.

Randy Barnett said...

Thanks Ashley.

Yes, a big troublesome. But when you look at it in the light of "help my unbelief", it makes a lot of sense...