Sunday, October 19, 2008

And it's 1, 2, 3, what are we voting for?

Did you know that there are SIX choices for president on the ballot in my state? In addition to the Republican and Democratic candidates, there are candidates in the Green party, the Libertarian party, the Petition party (Ralph Nader) and the Constitution party.

We'll also be voting for senator this year, only two people on the list there, and Representative (3 choices).

I have to check my voter registration card next to determine all of the state offices I can vote for, it looks like many of these are uncontested. One person I know commented back in the spring, that in SC you HAD to vote in the republican primary if you wanted to have a choice in the elections.

I also get to vote in County elections. The main contested battle there is for Sheriff. I'm thinking Matt Dillon is getting a little old to sport his badge, so I need to check out the two candidates there.

And finally, there are three amendments that are on the ballot this year. One would allow the state legislature to set the age of consent for women (no mention of young men). The second has to do with funding public employee pensions and medical benefits (which goes along with a book I just finished) and investing these funds in the stock market. The final amendment is the same as the second amendment, but it relates to local governments.

Over the next few days, I'll be evaluating the various offices and stating my opinion. You can follow along with the ballot at this website:

If you live outside Greenville County, but inside SC, some of the information will still apply to you.


Brooke said...

There certainly is a lot of research to do this time around!

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Great post!

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