Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election time

Is it just me or has this election gotten nasty? I'm used to all of the nasty commercials and such. I expect that. This is my 8th presidential election (and as many non-presidential elections) and those type attacks come every year.

But what has surprised me are the actors & actresses that have gotten nasty. Oh sure, Tom Cruise and a few others threatened to leave in 2004 if W. was elected (they didn't). But it just seems that more of them have turned out this time.

What makes it worse is that they lose credibility. I love the skits on SNL and (until recently) I liked some of the light night sketches. David Letterman's "Great moments in presidential speeches" took jabs at President Bush's speech patterns. Very humorous. But lately, I've grown to wonder more about how Letterman really feels.

In the past, I've avoided watching light night TV when a political candidate was on. I've made two exceptions: 1) I watched former President Carter on Leno and 2) I watched McCain on Letterman. I was disappointed in both cases.

Two other actors who have lost credibility are Tina Fey and Martin Sheen. I loved Fey's skits on SNL, even the ones poking at Gov. Palin. But after watching her comments on Letterman, I can no longer watch her. She is no longer (probably never was) objective and has no credibility. Same thing with Sheen.

What about you? Have you seen actors and been swayed for/against them because of their credibility? What about businesses?


Chuck said...

I think there has been nastiness on both sides but the vitriol aimed at Palin is shocking. Making fun of her Down's child, blaming her for his condition, etc. The libs have really shamed themselves.

Randy said...

Yes, they seem to have gravitated towards a focus on Gov. Palin. I guess those attacks are the ones that have gathered my attention the most.

Oh, I was reminded that Charlie Sheen (not Martin) was the one who had made comments about Gov. Palin.

Kris said...

it is hard for me to enjoy anything with tom cruse anymore and susan seranden (sp). these are just a couple of them...oh yea, i used to love the dixie chicks, but no way now


Randy said...

Kris, thanks for the info. Cruise has lost his mind completely. Seranden (I can't spell that either) was never top of my list. The Dixie Chicks found out that they lost a lot of their audience. I'd be interested in seeing how much they lost.

If I make public statements in front of my customers, I stand a chance to lose them as customers. As a customer of these actors/actresses/singers, I have a right to stop patronizing them. And I'm going to exercise that right.