Monday, December 01, 2008

Lots of children, lots of children

This Thanksgiving, my daughter announced that she has something new to be thankful about, she is now expecting a baby. That means that I now am expecting FOUR new grandchildren in the next 6+ months.

As it says on the right side of this page, my wife and I have five children between us. The oldest is expecting a little girl THIS FRIDAY. We'll wait and see the actual date. (No rushing). The youngest daughter is also expecting a little girl, the due date is a little fuzzy. Sometime between December 16 and January 1 is our best guess (I really wish they would schedule these things).

Sandwiched in between those are our other daughter (the one who just announced) due on June 6 and our oldest son's wife due June 17. The gender of these last two is yet to be determined.

We're all excited and can't believe that we are so blessed. My youngest son, took in the news and after pondering for a bit said "I'm the only one who's not expecting a baby". At 18 and still in school, I told him he could wait a while.


Kayte said...

Wow...pretty observant for an 18 yo, huh? He does get to become an uncle 4 times in the next 6 months though. Which means that he'll have 5 kids that belong to someone else that he gets to spoil. :)
It is pretty exciting though, huh?

4simpsons said...

Wow, what a joy! You are going to have a great 2009.

Buggaboosmommy said...

That's great news Randy...only, are you really old enough to be a grandpa several times over???

Brooke said...

Too cool! Congrats!

Tell that boy there's no hurry! :)

Chuck said...


Lee said...

Good to hear Randy. And you get to spoil all of them. Have fun.

Randy said...

Thanks to all. Yes, Lee, it's a grandpa's job to spoil them all. And then send them home to the parents.

I figured it out, next year I turn the big five-oh. 5 grandchildren in 50 years, that's 10 years per grandchild. Hopefully I won't have to wait another 50 for 5 more.

emilymburgess said...

Just thinking about all that has to happen by July makes me more tired than I already am...but I have never been more excited in my ENTIRE life!

I think we should do a baby pool on how many grandchildren you and Nena will have total. :)