Sunday, December 07, 2008

My first granddaughter

What a busy week. I took a short trip (2 nights) to New York. On Thursday, I flew back to find out that our oldest daughter was going to the hospital in Raleigh to have her baby. I flew into Charlotte, so rather than drive to Greenville (home) I decided to drive to Raleigh. However, I had barely gotten off the airport property when my wife called me and she had car problems. I drove an hour to pick her up, only to travel the same roads back on my way to Raleigh. We arrived in Raleigh about midnight and went to our daughters apartment to sleep for the night (trusting that nothing would happen that night).

Early Friday morning we went to the hospital and spent the day waiting. Then about 8pm, she went in for a c-section. At 8:13, Kayden Grace was born. She weighed in a 9 pounds, 9 ounces and measured 21+3/4 inches long. Now that's a big baby. What I don't understand is that they measured her head at 14 centimeters. Why is the head measured in centimeters and the length in inches? Is this done to confuse the baby, parents and grand parents? Seems like a communist plot to me.

We've spent to weekend starting the spoiling process. This is the God given job of all grand-parents, that along with trying to outdo the other grandparents. We're starting out strong.

This is our second grandchild, the first girl. It's also the first in this "batch", we have another due later this month and two more in June. Hopefully, they will all be spaced out a couple weeks from each other so that Grandma gets to help when they first come home from the hospital. I like the idea of having them in batches, I'll have to encourage the kids to plan this way for the next batch.

When our grandson was born (see here), I said "babies were a sign from God that he intended for the world to continue. A miracle from God, babies teach us so much." Kayden Grace can teach her parents and grandparents all about love once again.

Welcome to the world Kayden. Audry, it's almost your turn.


Nena said...

I love the spoiling part. Right now Kayden is asleep right laying with Grandma. Wish you could have stayed here with us this week. I have instructed Audry's mom she needs to wait until Sunday to have her, so I will have time to get home to be with her.

Chuck said...


Possible explanation for your inches and centimeters question. In health care we deal in the metric system, especially in kilograms for weight.

My thoughts are that the head measurement is for the doctor. Do you really care what it is? The length and weight measurements are for the family and are in English units so you understand them. For the delivery of health care, the medical staff likely converted the length and weight measurements to metric.

Brooke said...

That wasn't a baby she had, it was a toddler! LOL!

Congratulations, Randy! :)

Randy said...

Chuck, I dunno, I still think it's a communist plot.. Do I really care what the numbers are? No not really. Someone suggested laying her on the bed next to a loaf of bread to take a picture. Then later in life, you can use that for perspective.

Brooke, thanks. I think the doctor was scared to spank her at birth, afraid she'd hit back!!

Kayte said...

Randy, I think you probably know this by now, but I was mistaken. Her head was actually 14 INCHES. I just thought centimeters because they measure the dilation in centimeters so I assumed the head couldn't be in inches. oh well. It won't be the first time I'm wrong...and definately won't be the last...don't believe me, ask my daughter. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratuations, Randy!

Randy said...

You know, 14 inches makes a lot more sense. If it was 14 centimeters circumference, that would be less than 2 inches in diameter. I know her head is bigger than that.

Neil, thanks!

DJ Black Adam said...