Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Kennedy's passing

By now, you've heard a lot about the death of Sen. Kennedy. I spent a little time this morning researching what was said on some conservative blogs and on some liberal blogs. As expected, I saw some bashing of the man and some praises. I also saw some anti-bashing, a liberal blog bashing the people who bashed the man. Unfortunately, I didn't learn a lot about the man.

Back in January, I wrote about Contrary Evidence. I wrote that you needed to seek facts that disagree with your normal thoughts. I can't think of a single piece of legislation that the "Lion of the Senate" sponsored that I would have agreed on. But I have to keep reminding myself that, as much as I may have disliked him and his politics, a majority of the voters in Mass. voted for him nine times.

So where's the contrary evidence? And shouldn't we all be looking for it?

I know about the misadventures of Sen. Kennedy at Chappaquiddick (at least what wasn't covered up). I know a lot of people think he tried to live up to his family name (and many believe he failed). I know a lot of the senator's misdeeds - political, family, etc. But unless I believe a majority the people of Mass. are just off their rockers (I might believe that about California), I have to admit that they saw something they liked. Or maybe they wanted a powerful senator to represent them. What did these voters see?

I have to liken Sen. Kennedy to Sen. Thurmond, the long lived Senator from my own state. I was disappointed to learn that Kennedy served longer in the Senate than Thurmond did. But both men served a long career.

What do you think?


Ashley Beth said...

I think he was a man who loved our country and spent his life serving it with his beliefs. I admire that. That is more than what I'm doing.

Cameron said...

It saddens me that we can't just note the passing of a well known Senator.

Kayte said...

the thing I keep thinking is why can't he just be a man who died? But I think that about all the "celebrities." No one talks about them as being a person. depending on which side you're on the are either a "great such and such" or a "horrible such and such." why can't they just be a human who lives the same race we live with the same basic need we all have?

"The Edge" said...

We can't just let this go because we are all concerned about our own mortality. That is to say, the human race in general is concerned about mortality. The measuring stick in our media is "What have you done for me lately?" You could be a real "jerk" but if the last 5 years of your life are spent in something the media deems worthy, you'll be tabbed as having "turned your life around and made a difference". On the other hand, if you die in a tragic accident linked to some scandal even if you're not the main figure, they might see you as someone who "died for all the wrong reasons". But take our recent pop celeb Michael Jackson (with apologies to Kayte), this guy ended his life as a depressed druggie, child molester, and ultimately a broken and lost man, and yet the media tried to make his funeral required watching, if if you never heard of him. (To which I say, why?)

The reality of life is that none of anything I shared above matters. The Bible says it is appointed for a man once to die and then the judgment. In this case, the judgment of your eternal soul by your maker, the Creator of the Universe. And I think the only thing that matters if if Ted Kennedy had a personal relationship with Jesus. If he did, then we'll know soon enough....and the same thing is true of Adolph Hitler, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Ted Bundy, Barack Obama, and you, and me. It's the only time we're all truly equals - when we're judged by God as being worthy or not to enter His presence at the end of time.

Randy said...

Ashley, I guess I think he thought he was serving his country, but I'm not so sure he was doing it the right way. But I truly DO want to know both sides.

And you certainly are serving your country every day. You're paying taxes, that's more than about 50% of the people. Daily service to God and Country is more than politics. It's about learning what's going on and how it impacts others. Learning the Truth and the truth and following that path.

Cameron and Kayte, good points, it looks like both sides are going to use this death to try to accomplish their own goals.

Edge, I'm sad to agree with the first part of your comment - we all are boiled down to the last thing we did- good or bad.

I'm happy to agree with the last part. Truly we are all on the same ground when we reach the judgement throne.