Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What do you want on your tombstone

Our neighborhood has an old cemetery in the middle. The story is that the man who owned the land before it was developed wanted to be buried there. The area is about 50 feet square with a small stone wall (about one foot high) surrounding it. There is a gate with stone posts about four feet high, but of course, you can step over the wall easily.

The story is that no one is buried there. After the man died, his children had him buried somewhere else, but since he had made the area a cemetery, it can never be developed. I decided to visit recently and took some pictures. This tombstone was over at the side, laying on top of the wall. My guess is that it was a reject for whatever reason and was never used.

As best I can tell the stone says:
August 27, 1796
September 18, 1826
30 years, 22
## wife and children all
## father Christ did call
## or me it is rain
## to your sight again
I've put ## where there is apparently some other words or letters that I can't make out. Also, there is some punctuation at the end of most lines, some look like periods, others like colons. It looks to me as if the stone was cut improperly.
If you can make out any more or have any ideas what it says, let me know.


Kayte said...
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Kayte said...

It doesn't say, "or me..." but "ON me..."

Randy said...

"On me" makes more sense. I was thinking it said "for me".

Still would like to know more.

Thomas said...

Cemeteries are cool, but I don't plan on residing in one. Cremation is much less costly and more accurately reflects where I'll be once I'm gone: everywhere.

Randy said...

Thomas, when I first read your comment, I thought you meant that cremation (being burned to ashes) represented where you'd be. Then I realized you were talking about having your ashes spread.

I figure cremation or burial, doesn't really matter, I won't be there anyway. My future is sealed.