Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's day and thank you for your service

I made calls to some veterans and veterans family members today. Hopefully I didn't forget any.

I should also thank some of my blogger friends - DJ Black Adam at who is a former Marine. Steve over at is former Army. I thank you (and the others I'm sure I missed) for your service.

I spoke to a parent of an active duty Airman and thanked him for his sacrifice, for letting his son Stephen go to Baghdad. He said he wasn't sure he had any choice in the matter and I reminded him that it didn't mean it was any less of a sacrifice on his part. He had a lot of sleepless nights and worrisome days. The son is back stateside and even at home for another week before he heads back to Texas.

To Adam who served and "played" in two deserts (Afghanistan and Iraq), to Kevin who is in the reserve and working towards full time duty when he finishes school, thank you. We are very proud of you.

To David who "played" in Iraq the first time around and spent 22 years in the Air Force, and to Ed and Peggy who spent 4 years in the Air Force (and found each other) I say thank you. Your service ended several years ago, and I'm not sure I realized how important it was at the time.

And finally, for my dad, who spent 4 years in Japan "typing letters to generals' wives", who planted grass in Seattle before he went over there, then had to cut the same grass when he came back, thank you. Your service was always in my mind growing up. It gave me a respect for the military and all it does for us.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Yesterday the main grocery store chain in Iowa, HyVee, gave free breakfast buffet to Veterans and active duty. Nationally, Applebee's gave free lunch/dinner. I had some good eating! It's always good to see veterans honored for serving. I know I will always look back with pride on my five years wearing green.

Randy said...

I knew if I started listing people, I'd leave one out. Glenn, many thanks for your service to our country. I knew that Applebees was offering free lunch/dinner and one of the vets in my family took advantage. It's good to know that some of the people in this county are treating veterans correctly.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I didn't feel left out - how were you supposed to know? I was just commenting on how businesses were treating veterans and I thought they needed kudos.

Yeah, I am one of those Vietnam era vets (1970-1975)- never got to the land of the 2-way rifle range, but was a rompin' stompin', dancin' romancin', super dooper U. S. paratrooper!