Monday, November 23, 2009

The Xbox caper - Score: Parents 1, teenager 0 (second try)

(Due to what seemed to be "unusual" comments, I deleted this post and I'm reentering it).

Seems this 15 year old boy was having a good time with his Xbox when his mean old parents took it away. Feeling deprived of his rights, he decided to call 911. Apparently, he became a little shy and hung up the phone rather than talk to the 911 operator.

Fortunately for all of us (except the teen in this case), 911 hang-ups result in a dispatch of police. After all, the person who called 911 could be in need of assistance. So police traced the call and arrived at his house.

Once they were there, the teen asked the police if his parents had a legal right to take away the Xbox. While the article doesn't explicitly answer that question, the police did advise the young man to listen to his parents.

The article goes on the say "There's no indication of why the video game system was taken away or what the teen was playing. The Xbox, along with other up-to-date video game systems, include parental controls which can lock the system and prevent a child from playing."

Seems the parents may have used their own version of parental controls and that their version was quite effective. Score: Parents 1, teenager 0.


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Chance said...

We should tell the ACLU about this travesty.