Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ok, what's going on?

About four years ago (almost exactly), I posted an entry about Providence, the unseen hand of God. I don't really believe in coincidence, but as I wrote back then, it seems ostentatious to say God planned something. Providence seems like a good way to say it while not really saying it.

This week, Providence seems to be at work again. On two separate occasions, I had discussions with two different friends about two different religious matters. Then, I had three different religious discussions on three different blogs (again on different matters). I typically steer away from these things, but these three discussions just came out.

Then it hit me, Providence. There's something behind this. What's going on?


Thomas said...

I also enjoy talking about what I believe as opposed to the latest junk about Tiger Woods or other such superficial nonsense.

Randy said...

Not sure if I can find myself talking about Tiger. I do have one possible post on the topic, but that's for another day.

Thanks Thomas. I can usually count on a comment from you.... I really appreciate it.