Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day

I started to do a blog post about how PETA wants to rid Groundhog Day of that weather forecasting rodent Punxsutawney Phil and replace him with a robot. But I decided most people already knew about that. If you don't, see the article here.

Instead, I'll tell you how we celebrated Groundhog Day in our family. As best I can remember it was 1991 and my youngest daughter would have just turned 5 a little over a month before. As she was in daycare, she was involved in creating projects all of the time. This year she brought home groundhog hats. (This may have started in 1990 and was repeated in 1991).

On a paper plate, someone had drawn a groundhog. He filled up most of the plate and his lower abdomen almost touched one side. Then, they carefully cut out around little Phil and pulled it out so that he stood up. A few holes punched in the sides, a string around your chin and Eureka! you have a groundhog hat.

I searched the internet for a picture or a lesson plan related to these hats and couldn't find out. This must have been an original creation. Anyway, we had to wear groundhog hats for dinner that night. Of course, I told my friends about it the next day at work and got a good round of laughs.

This year, I'm away on a business trip for Groundhog Day and I doubt I'll be wearing a groundhog hat. But I certainly will be thinking of one.


Nena said...

We need to make them for all the Grandkids and keep the tradition going....

Chuck said...

He saw his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter.

Meanwhile PETA still has it's foil hats on