Monday, February 08, 2010

Tim Tebow ad - what's all the fuss about?

Ok, I admit I was disappointed. I was expecting more. After all, I was told it was divisive. Instead, all I saw was a mother who worries about her son "Timmy". She called him her "miracle baby" and explained "he almost didn't get into this world." She says she can remember so many times when "she almost lost him" and says "it was so hard."

Then she goes on and says "well, he's all grown up now and I still worry about his health." My initial thought was that this was an ad for Flintstones Chewable Vitamins. Then she says that "with all our family's been through, you have to be tough" and she gets tackled by Tebow. Both pop back up. In the end-of-commercial music, she tells little Timmy that he's "not nearly as tough as I am."

So where's the divisiveness? Where's the anti-choice message? Where does Tebow offend people?

Looking for offensive divisive material, I looked at the website mentioned in the ad Once there, I clicked on the "Watch now" button to watch the story. Tim's mom and dad do a sit-down interview where they tell the story. Mrs. Tebow explains her point of view and her choices. You may disagree with them, but they are her choices and her beliefs. You may think (as one other video I watched explained) that a belief like her's is like a belief in Tinkerbell. But she doesn't force or even suggest that anyone else should follow her beliefs.

I know that I have seen the birth of three precious children. There were times during those pregnancies where I wondered if we would see that child, if we would make it through the current illness or the depression or the personal struggles we were going through. We never faced major struggles, but we knew some who did. I felt like I could empathize with Pam Tebow.

Towards the end of the video, the narrator asks the Tebows what they would tell someone facing an unwanted pregnancy. Mrs. Tebow tells them that they have options and choices and mentions pregnancy crisis center.

So here's my suggestion. If you're interested in the Tebow story, go view it online. I will warn you that you will hear a lot about how God influenced their lives. If that scares you or bothers you, don't watch the video.

I also have a special request to Christians that read this. Watch the video. Learn the style and techniques the Tebows use. It's not offensive and will reach many more people. And pray. Pray for the Tebows. They've already been under attack and I'm afraid it will grow worse. There are those out there that would love to jeer at Tim Tebow if he were to fall. He has an important job to do and he can't afford to be distracted.


Chuck said...

I think the fact that it is not over the top makes the left nervous. If it were a commercial with a wild-eyed screaming anti-abortion protester there would be something to fight against.

Being low key, non-divisive is harder to fight against so they had to try to damage it before it aired.

Why is the left nervous? The country is making a slow but steady drift to the right and pro-life. Commercials like this make it hard to talk about choice and make the discussion more about abortion. A subject they have tried for over 30 years to avoid talking about.

emilymburgess said...

All I need to say is- no one was offended by Megan Fox "nude" in the bath tub? That offensive.

You are right the Tebows will be and are under attack. I could hardly make it through the video. I am such a softie. I need to be toughened up. Wonder if Adam will tackle me?

PS This was a little heartfelt! :)

Randy said...

Chuck, I think you're right in so many ways.

Emily, I'm glad was able to share from the heart for you :).

As to the Megan Fox commercial, I'm actually not sure I saw that. I must've been headed to the chili bowl at the time..

LoneWolfArcher said...

Randy, well said. And I take your advice at the end. I sometimes come across a little more strongly than I intend to. I chalk it up to passion, but the Tebows are examples for is to be passionate and tactful.

And Emily, I agree. The Fox ad and Go Daddy ads should have been more offensive to NOW. Apparently a woman choosing to have her baby is more offensive to them than the objectification of women. Then again, NOW has never been accused of being consistent.

"The Edge" said...

The thing I most respect about Tim Tebow is not his football ability - and that's from a die-hard Gator fan. Tim set many football records playing for the University of Florida over the past 4 years. But what impresses me most is his character. And that's my conversation starter when his name comes up. I'm impressed that this young man has the internal courage of his convictions to stand up for what he believes in. His faith is impressive. His character is impressive. His honesty and humility are impressive. THOSE are the things I admire most about him. He's the son of missionary parents, and has a heart for youth and missions himself. Check out the Tim Tebow foundation website for proof of that.

I agree - praying for Tim and his family (and others like them) will help them to stand strong. But we who agree have the ability to make an impact as well - in our everyday walks and talks with neighbors, friends, and co-workers. Not to be divisive, but to just be who we really are, standing on the courage of our own convictions.