Friday, October 21, 2005

And another thing...

... About Iraq. For too many years, we (the United States) kept telling him, "you can't do that any more". Build nukes, wipe out people with chemicals, kick out UN inspectors, whatever. We sounded like a mother, fussing at her kids for misbehaving. But like kids who know the mother won't do anything, Saddam just kept on doing the same things.

WMD were not found, however, other illegal weapons were found. Saddam had no intentions of obeying the rules set for him by the UN. He cheated (with the aid of the UN) on the oil-for-food program. He sold oil, presumably to buy food for his people, and used it for himself and for illegal weapons (for example, he had unmanned airplanes - which were against UN rules.)

Previous administrations shook their finger at Saddam and did little to stop him.

It was high time that someone removed Saddam from power. It was high time that the United States stood up for what it said it would do.

(Written from Memphis. I looked for E. but didn't see him. I'm going to try the Krispy Kreme on the corner)

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