Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Earl again

OK, it's not great TV. But it's funny. Tonight they re-ran the first episode. I found out that the Earl's brother is named Randy. I'm not sure that's good, this Randy is even tackier than Earl, if that's possible.

Guest actor tonight (for about two scenes) was Horace from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Good actor, doesn't get enough screen time.

Ok, so Earl isn't good TV. But it's funny. We found out tonight the details about Earl winning the lottery and Earl's family life. Earl married a woman 6 months pregnant, the night he met her. Needless to say, it wasn't his baby. Two years later, she has a baby by his seed. Trouble is, the baby's black (Earl and his wife are both white). Hmmm, something is wrong with this picture. And the guy down at his wife's favorite restaurant is black... Can you say soap opera.

Anyway, Earl wins $100k in the scratch off lottery. Then gets hit by a car and loses the lottery ticket. While in the hospital, he discovers karma. Earl gets out and makes a list of all the things he's done wrong. He decides to go set the things straight. As soon as he decides to do this, the lottery ticket shows up. Karma.

Ok, so it's not good TV (I think I said that). But what if more people believed in Karma? What if everyone went back to clean up the things they did wrong? Maybe bad TV could turn into good things...

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