Monday, October 10, 2005

For shame, for shame

OK, I've been shamed into it. I'll start updating my blog. I got bored, because I had maybe 3 comments back. I have a short attention span. I need positive (or negative) feedback. Jokes, wisecracks, even stupidcracks. I need them

So here's my shot for today. Some of you may have heard this already. I'm taking an economics class. We were talking about substitute products and the effect on the primary good (called the "own" good in economics class). The question was about the availability of methadone in the UK to anyone who admitted being a heroin addict. The net of the question was, what would you expect this to do to the number of addicts in the UK vs the number in the US (the answer is you'd expect more in the UK, since a substitute good is available at a low price - free).

The professor, said "of course this assumes that methadone is a good substitute for heroin. I myself haven't shot up lately..."

He's hilarious. Every class is full of the same dry humor. Even makes economics interesting. I'll sign up for whatever he teaches next...

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