Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm not a crook!

When ever I think of that line, I think of a man with with heavy jowls, shaking his head side to side so that they flap, wearing a dark suit, with hands raised in peace signs, "I'm not a crook".

Picaso had phases, I'm in my criminal investigation phrase. My homework assignment this week was to report on what factors create a criminogenic industry in government and politics. It's only four pages (double spaced) and you only have a week to do it, so it's a little light on details. But it reviews some of the reasons that politics seems to invite crimes.

I confess, I take a couple of swipes at the most recent former president, but I talk about both republicans and democrats involved in these "events". And I include a reference to quote above. I don't feel like the paper is biased towards either party, but I'm sure I'll have people who disagree. No matter, every one who disagrees with me has a right to be wrong.

Paper available to anyone who wants to read it. Email me or respond here. When I'm famous, you can say you knew me when....

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David said...

I'd like to give it a read through.