Friday, April 06, 2007

You gotta love this weather....

.... if not wait a week, it will change.

I started to title this post "Global Warming", but then decided that would just be mean. And today, I'm not in a mean spirit (it's early yet).

Last week, global warming could be seen in upstate SC. Temperatures were in the 80's. Spring had defintely sprung. Flowers were blooming, dogwoods in full bloom, allergies in fuller bloom. It got so hot indoors, we turned on the AC (good bye ozone layer).

This week is a new week. Temperatures last night got down to around 32. Tonight and tomorrow night are supposed to get lower. Almost a 30 degree difference in temps this week vs. last week. I saw reports of snow in Maine I wonder if they had to close schools? (see my earlier posts about our snow and ice).

We turned the heat on. Actually, at one time, the heat was on downstairs, the AC was on upstairs. The AC never actually came on, but it could have. Then we'd been fighting our selves in the foyer, heat at the bottom, rising only to be air conditioned and then fall again. Could have been an interesting sight.

You gotta love this weather.


A Voice of Reason said...

It snowed here in LI, NY on Thursday and Friday. Not much but some flurries.

Pink Elephant said...

It snowed in Richmond too. I do enjoy teasing Climate Change Disciples with this cold snap (along with Denver's blizzard while we on the East Coast were in short sleeves on Christmas Eve). However, I think it important for both sides of the debate to remember the distinction between climate and weather. What is happening outside at any given moment is weather. Climate is weather aggregated over a period of time. As you pointed out, as soon as Climate Change Disciples say "hey it's warm out, must be climate change," the Climate Change Skeptics can say "but next week is supposed to be record lows," and the debate gets nowhere.

Randy Barnett said...

Good distinction on climate vs weather. I can't say that the cold weather snap is a factor of a climate change and I can't say that a heat wave is a climate change either.

The question is, how can you identify a climate change as being environmental versus cyclical? With El Nino and La Nina and other ups and downs, what's the difference between these and Global Warming or a new Ice Age?

I guess I'm climate-agnostic. I don't know if global warming exists or not and I don't believe you can know in this lifetime. That doesn't mean I can ignore the environment and I should do my part. Carbon emmisions and the like DO hurt the environment and we should do whatever we can (that is reasonable) to reduce the pollution. But I'm not going to play chicken little, running around saying the sky is falling.

Thanks for the post.