Monday, April 14, 2008

the five people you meet in heaven - book report

Ok, just for the record, the book is fiction and probably not scripturally accurate. But it's a good book.

So what happens when you die? Does your entire life pass in front of your eyes? Do you see your family? Do you come back as some other being? Is heaven the Garden of Eden? Well, Mitch
Albom says you meet five people. These are people who have had some impact on your life and have passed on before you. In some way, they changed your life forever. Their purpose is to tell you one thing about your life. To answer one question.

Mitch tells a story about Eddie, the maintenance man at the amusement park down by the pier. Eddie was a veteran who felt like his life never quite amounted to much. Then on his 83rd birthday, he dies in an accident at the park, trying to save a young girls life. He feels two small hands in his hands, then nothing.

Eddie meets his five people and they explain details about his life that he never understood. Why did he get shot in the war? Why do some people live and others die?

I really enjoyed reading this and went through it in short time. I kept wondering, who would my five people be? Which people in my life had the most impact? Mr Gaines, my high school history teacher? Mrs. Jones the math teacher? How about Dennis from my first real job?

Who would be the five people you meet?

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