Thursday, April 03, 2008

I look to the mountains...

Yesterday morning, I drove to Wilkesboro, NC to see a customer. If you don't know where that is, it's close to Boone, NC. If that still means nothing to you, think of Appalachian State University. If that still means nothing to you, look at a map, go about 50 miles north of Charlotte and then west (left) about 30 miles.

Wilkesboro is at the foothills of the mountains. You go over one small mountain to get here. It may cause your ears to pop, but nothing major. As a city, it's not that great. But the country around it and the ride up is beautiful. A couple years ago, I stopped and took a couple of pictures of an old school on the way down. For some reason, the school just caught my eye.

The school is Wittenburg Elementary, the area (not really a town) is Wittenburg. The building was constructed in 1932 with additions in 1951 and 1980.The cafeteria was added in 1957 and the gym in 1967. The school housed K-8 students for a long period of time and then was a K-6 school until 1999 when a new school was built at another location. The building was vacant for two years and since 2001 it houses offices the county government and is used in the afternoon the our Alternative Program.

I emailed the head of the school district to get this information. They were a little uncomfortable with me taking pictures, apparently there had been some problems and they thought I was with the press.

This is my first attempt at adding a picture, I've been shamed into it by my kids.

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