Thursday, April 17, 2008

I hate traffic

On Wednesday morning, I flew to DC to work with a customer. Guess who else flew into DC about the same time? I'll give you a hint, he has a special car named for him. He's not married and he just turned 81.

So, when I arrived at about 8:30 (the plane landed early), traffic was a mess. I ended up in the wrong lane and crossed the river into downtown DC. Well, I got to see some of the protestors and other crowds around. Then I got back across the river only to be caught up in beltway traffic.

Things didn't go well Wednesday and I had to work a long day. Evening spent catching up on email and then hit the sack early for some much-needed sleep. Today was better and I even got out early.

But tomorrow morning, I have to go into DC again. Actually Chevy Chase (not the man, the city). I have to be there at 9am and some folks are suggesting I leave at 6am. It's supposed to be a 25 minute drive, how could it take 3 hours?

Oh well, tomorrow night, I'll be back in Greenville, where we thing a 45 minute commute is long. I hate traffic.

(In case you didn't know it, the Pope is in Washington and his birthday was April 16)


Ashley Beth said...

Oh! The pope. I was beginning to think it was Chevy Chase (too young to be 81, but he does have a car named after him).

J/K...I knew it was the pope, but I had to put that in there.

Randy Barnett said...

The car named after Chevy Chase, were you referring the the Chevy or the chase car?